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"A luminous debut about a pair of star-crossed lovers in Iran during the last days of the Shah...A well-crafted portrait of human love trapped in the vortex of history."

"Firouz crafts dialogue that is profound at the appropriate time, while also being, as the occasion demands, witty, cynical and even self-deprecating."
-Washington Post Book World

"Her admirable and smooth prose is pointed, elegant, aphoristic, and wise."
-Los Angeles Times

"A powerful political novel in the tradition of V.S. Naipaul and Graham Greene...In the Walled Gardens successfully accomplishes what great literature is meant to do: capture time, place, and character; make these real as well as transcendent; and, finally elicit empathy, insight, and understanding. This is a major achievement for a debut novel, for any novel."
-Bill Robinson of